Difference Between M1 And Intel Processor

Apple is making its laptop in two varients first is powered by Intel while the second is build on its own house M1 chip Processor. Both versions have their own qualities. And in this article, we will explore and differentiate which version is best for you.

Brand New, the latest 13-inch Macbook Pro, and MacBook Air M1 are the first computers running on their own in-house-built M1 chip that provides longer battery life and improved device performance compared to Intel Powered Mack books.

Like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, all these devices run on their own ARM-based system-on-chip (SoC) processor. Apple is likely to kick away intel processors from its environment, and obviously, it is not good news for intel.

Now, Apple is set to in-built its own created M1 chip in its upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook, which is likely to be released by the end of this year. Simmingly M1 chip is far better than Intel-powered MacBooks, Providing longer battery life and enhancing system performance at a huge level.

MacBook Pro 13 M1 Vs MacBook Pro 13 Intel Core

Let’s compare both versions, and let’s see which one is better in which area. Intel is also a tech giant globally, and it would not be easy for M1 to compete with Intel. However, in some cases, M1 is doing better than Intel.


Apple M1-powered 13-inch MacBook comes with $1299, whereas Intel Powered Macbook 13-inch comes with $1799, which is a big price gap.

So, in terms of price, M1 powered Macbook is cheaper than Intel, and it has as long as battery life which intel is not offering. Where M1 is giving 20 hours of battery life, intel is giving half of it. Therefore, the winner is M1.

Memory And Storage

Memory and storage are even better in the Intel version if compared with M1. Still, M1 performance is better than Intel’s.

Where M1 comes with 8GB and 16GB with 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB storage capacity, intel comes with 16GB, 32 GB with 512TB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB.

As mentioned above, the M1 processor consists of an 8-core CPU in which 4 cores for performance and the other 4 are efficiency core.

Also, an 8-core GPU (Graphics processing unit) and 16-core “Nural Engine” enhance video editing, rendering, gaming performance, and machine learning algorithms.

If you see a vast difference in the memory specification of Intel and M1, still, M1 is comparatively faster than mac. Hence, it is obvious M1 is going to replace Intel in future devices.

Battery Life

Battery life really matters for anyone, and M1 powered MacBook offered 20 hours of battery backup while Intel Powered only offers 10 hours, which is quite a big difference.

This is the best-case scenario in real they have slightly low battery performance. M1-powered hardly offers 12 hours, nearly double the Intel-powered MacBook.

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Performance and Speed

M1 processor has been built to provide the best speed and system performance which it is doing great. This processor is made with ” Nural Engine ” support, which develops machine learning capabilities, while Intel cannot do this.

In M1, 8-core GPU is given, which helps this processor enhance video rendering, editing, Gaming, etc. Intel comes with weak Iris graphics, which is comparatively slow technology.

Video Rendering: In a test, it is noticed that M1 Powered MacBook Pro can encoding 4K MOV video clips to 1080p MP4 in 1 minute 9 seconds only, whereas Intel took 1 minute 17 seconds to encode the same video. 

Gaming:  M1 Powered MacBook Pro is also great in rendering graphics while playing any game. The Graphics visible are more evident than Intel Powered MacBook. Here you can experience a distortion in graphics. 

Technical Specifications

 ComponentsMacBook Pro 13-inch (M1)MacBook Pro 13-inch (Intel)
DisplayComes with a 13.3-inch Retina displayComes with a 13.3-inch Retina display
ProcessorApple M1 with 8-core GPU, 8-core CPU, and 16-core Neural Engine support.Quad-core Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 with Intel Iris Plus graphics support
MemoryThis comes with 8GB or 16GBThis comes with16GB or 32GB
Storage2TB, 1TB, 256 GB, and 512 GB 4TB 2TB, 1TB, 512GB
Battery Backup up to 20 hours up to 10 hours
Webcam720p with Apple ISP720p
Ports2 Thunderbolt + USB 4 portsOnly 4 Thunder

Developer Choice

Intel is popular for its quantity which means it can support all kinds of software that runs on MacBooks; while M1 can not do so, developers have to update their code to support M1. However, Apple stated that it is a straightforward process to make your code compatible with M1.

According to the company, M1 supported app development platform known as “Docker” is still under development and in preview mode. Therefore, if you are a programmer, then an Intel-Based MacBook will be better For you.

In the end, if you see, M1-based MackBook is more preferable for everyone because it is balanced overall performance is good, and Obviously, come at an affordable price compared to Intel.

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